Ethylene absorbing sachets, filters and films

Performance Dry® Scented desiccants incorporates pleasant scents into packaging to increase the marketability and user experience of products with unpleasant odors.

Performance Dry® Scented is available in vanilla, lemon, and orange fragrances and has a number of beneficial applications. Products such as fish oils, herbal supplements and many others emit unpleasant odors while others, such as asprin, are odorless. Placing Performance Dry® Scented dessicants into packaging along with these products improve the end user experience and makes consuming unpleasant or odorless products enjoyable.

Performance Dry® Scented satisfies your need for "active" packaging. These dessicants are ONLY for scented interaction with the end user and are not meant to reduce packaging moisture content. For moisture reducing desiccants, click here.

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